“I’ve been working with Darrin for the past three years designing and bringing to life significant projects such as my relationship, coaching business and accreditations, transitioning to civilian life from the military, developing a relationship with spirituality, and a Master of Arts degree in Global Leadership. Over the years, our partnership has resulted in massive shifts in how I am being and how I get things done – from my essence and authentic self! Darrin has been there to support me when all I want to do is quit and give up on my dreams, and there is no doubt that I have the life I have now because of the trust and communication we have built in our coaching relationship. I am grateful to be able to go to Darrin for mentoring advice to handle clients that may feel stuck. Her guidance is like a lifebuoy for a drowning coach sometimes! I do not have the words to describe my gratitude for what Darrin brings to my life, one hour at a time, week by week. Thank you so much, Darrin.”