“Darrin is the best coach ever! Seriously. She’ll see how amazing you are and help you to see it too so you can live from there. There is nothing like living from your greatness. It is out of this world fantastic and terrifying all at once. She’ll be solid for you all the way. I’ve imagined writing a Darrin love letter so many times. Here is some of that. Working with you changed my life in the most beautiful ways, Darrin. I have an inner strength, a calm, that I bring to my leadership, my mothering, and my marriage directly as a result of our coaching. Working with you strengthened my relationship with myself and as a result, my relationship with everybody else is better too. I channel you regularly, remembering myself, and finding my way back to myself, through your coaching. Because of your partnership, I’m the leader I’ve always wanted to be. I make more money and enjoy my work more than I imagined possible. When life gets rough you are the first person I want to call. My relationship with problems has evolved and continues to evolve directly as a result of coaching. Finally, life is just better with you as my coach. I know we aren’t working together right now but seriously,I channel you regularly. I adore you and wish you the very very best. You’re a badass coach and I’m more badass having worked with you.”