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Coaching is a process of having you take 100% responsibility for your life, in partnership with me as your coach. Together we will take an up-close look at what’s going on in your subconscious mind and support you to take ownership of all that is found. The only reason the amount of love, success, health & affluence you want is not showing up in your life is because of you.

Own it. You are that powerful.

It’s not about thinking positive. It’s about becoming conscious of your limiting beliefs, and using radical self love and power to choose new beliefs that are in alignment with your current vision of success.”


About Me…


My name is Darrin Bridge.  I am born and raised in Victoria, BC and I am a Westcoast girl at heart - which means I love the ocean and all things outdoors, even in the rain!  

Back in 2013, I was over 10 years into my career as a dental hygienist.  My daughter graduated from highschool and I was in the process of divorce.  Life as I knew it had completely shifted and I decided to embrace the opportunity to create a career outside of my tiny dental operatory.

My first thought was to upgrade my computer skills and become the office manager of the dental practice I loved.  And... the moment I had formed that thought I said “and please shoot me if that is what I do with my life!” Although dentistry had been an amazing career for me, I did exactly what most people do when they are ready for a change.  I looked in the realm of what I thought I could have - rather than exploring what I truly wanted.

In that moment, I saw outside the box I had put myself in - and from there my next thought was “or I can do whatever I want!”

I dared to explore outside that box.  I got quiet and started listening to my heart, and THAT voice lead me to Accomplishment Coaching -  a world where human beings get real with each other. A world I had imagined, but did not know existed.  

Today, I lead a team of mentor coaches, collaborate with high-level leaders across North America and I have a thriving coaching & consulting practice built on impacting the lives of others.


I acknowledge you for the beautiful, expansive, clear and intentional way you share reflection—it is with love, and power, creativity, laughter, heart!
Your being is like the force of life—that which created the stars, has the sun rise, a mother cradling her child, the girlfriend that whispers an inappropriate joke in your ear (at the perfect time—like in church), the depth felt in one look that says, “I see YOU”, and a love that is as fierce as the Lioness, with a bravery and strength that knows no boundary.
I love you, Darrin — thank you for making a difference in my life.
— Tressa Wood, Creative Professional & Business Owner

If you are considering giving yourself a gift of focused one on one support through coaching, then you would be smart to partner with Darrin.
When I first started my journey with coaching, Darrin was the one who gently, yet powerfully guided me into the life that had only been a dream for most of my life. Up to the point when I met Darrin, I had tried a number of things to try and get out of the rut I was in. Nothing seemed to work, and I always found myself back at what was predictable in my life.
Her skill at hearing what was underneath my words combined with her absolute passion and love she has for her clients to lead authentic and inspired lives is bar none some of the most thought-provoking and effective coaching I have ever had. Now; I live every day how I choose, my relationships are healthier, I am happier and more in tune with authentic self.
I would recommend Darrin in a heartbeat.
Go ahead and have a sample session with her and you’ll see what I mean.
— Gina Ross, Conscious Entrepreneur & Business Owner

Darrin is the best coach ever! Seriously. She’ll see how amazing you are and help you to see it too so you can live from there. There is nothing like living from your greatness. It is out of this world fantastic and terrifying all at once. She’ll be solid for you all the way.

I’ve imagined writing a Darrin love letter so many times. Here is some of that. Working with you changed my life in the most beautiful ways Darrin. I have an inner strength, a calm, that I bring to my leadership, my mothering, my marriage directly as a result of our coaching. Working with you strengthened my relationship with myself and as a result my relationship with everybody else is better too. I channel you regularly, remembering myself, finding my way back to myself, through your coaching.

Because of your partnership, I’m the leader I’ve always wanted to be. I make more money and enjoy my work more than I imagined possible. When life gets rough you are the first person I want to call. My relationship to problems has evolved and continues to evolve directly as a result of coaching.

Finally, life is just better with you as my coach. I know we aren’t working together right now but seriously, I channel you regularly. I adore you and wish you the very very best. You’re a badass coach and I’m more badass having worked with you.
— Tina Abbott, Public Servant, Creative Professional