What would you take on, if you believed in your Greatness?

One of the coolest things about being a coach for me - is how EASY it is to see someone else’s greatness.

What a great job. Right?

It’s more likely a super-power or a gift…than it is a job.

I see you.

I literally picture people naked - not as in without clothes - and more like without their fears - sans their stuff!

Hi, my name is Darrin and I have a super-power that allows me to see your Greatness.

Granted, some people think I’m a nut bar. But the others -

I can see it in their eyes. That moment, when I say the thing - they have secretly been wishing someone would say to them, or notice about them. That thing they believe is too big, too much, rude, arrogant, selfish, impossible - and whatever other judgments they were taught - to make other people ‘feel more comfortable’. I see their eyes light up as they recognize themselves in my reflection of their Greatness. That undeniable spark that says - can I get some more of that please!

You are already it.

The more I practice seeing someone else’s Greatness - the more I believe it when someone reflects mine to me. 

The more I allow the belief - the more I own it. 

The more I own it - the more I know I am it. 

And it is me!

I am already it.

That’s the gift I see.

Who’s greatness will you reflect today?

What would you take on, if you believed in your Greatness?

Darrin Bridge